Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about claymotion juggling.

Who first came up with this style of juggling?
Claymotion was developed by British juggler Richard Clay. Many people first saw and were introduced to claymotion by Richard when he attended the 1996 Rapid City IJA festival. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to connect with Richard and get an interview with him and find out a bit more on how he developed his style.

Richard Clay and friends
Here is a picture of Richard Clay (center), Katie and other friends.

How did it get it's name?
The name claymotion was first coined by Erica Kelch-Slesnick in a rec.juggling post after the 1997 Pittsburgh IJA festival.

Isn't it just multiplex juggling?
Technically yes. However, when you see someone doing claymotion style tricks (especially Richard Clay) there is a fluidity and grace that seems to set it apart from other types of multiplex juggling. It also has a start/stop rhythm to it, not unlike cigar box juggling. So there are times when there are no balls in the air.

What is the siteswap for claymotion?
Asynchronous siteswap: [43]20[22]2
Synchronous siteswap: ([4x4],2)(0,2)* (A more accurate one.)

Why green for the site?
Well, if you've ever seen Richard juggling his green stage balls you'd know why I had to make the site green.

Who created this site?
If you want to find out more information about me you can check out my personal juggling page at I also created and run the site