Claymotion tutorial

Claymotion tutorial If you have not yet learned the first claymotion move then watch the claymotion tutorial. This will cover the basic trick that almost all subsequent tricks utilize.

Initial tricks

crossed-middle-split-top Here is an easy first trick to try out. The hands start crossed with the hand holding the two balls on top. Top hand throws the multiplex, uncrosses and then recross so it is now the arm underneath. The top arm should now hold the single ball. Each of the multiplex balls are then caught. You are now in the position to do the same trick with the opposite hand.
Here is a trick similar to the one above. Top arm holds the two balls for the multiplex throw and you do a claw of the inside multiplex ball being thrown. It's a quick claw catch and then you turn your hand over right away for the next multiplex throw.
This is basically the same trick as the first one above but starting position is reversed. Hands start crossed but the hand doing the multiplex throw starts underneath.
Here is the same trick as the one above, but on the single ball catch on top you do a claw catch. I'm trying to get the multiplex catch and turnover at the same time and in line with the single claw catch.
Again, another trick similar to the one above, the only difference is I'm doing a claw catch on the multiplex ball as well as the single ball.

Penguin catches

This is a pretty simple variation of the standard claymotion move in the tutorial. I do a penguin catch with the hand that catches the single ball. I first start without doing the orbits around the multiplex balls, and then add them in after a few catches.
In this variation of the above move you catch the inside multiplexed ball rather than the outside ball.
Same as the above trick but keeping the arm crossed over and doing the multiplex throws under the arm.
In this trick the pengin catch is done with the hand holding the ball. The inside multiplxed ball will be caught with a penguin catch.
Similar to the above trick but the outside multiplxed ball will be caught with a penguin catch.

Miscellaneous tricks

squeeze-slam This trick is a bit different from the others. I am doing a multiplex toss and then I do a slam throw into the hand as it's catching one of the multiplex balls (a squeeze catch). I then catch the other multiplex ball underneath the arm that does the squeeze catch. After a few throws I throw a fake one at the end.
On this trick one of the multiplex balls is caught on the arm and rolls down into the hand and the other ball is caught under the arm.
Very similar to the above trick, but the balls are caught on the arm against the body.

Four ball claymotion

4b-cm-std This is one of the first moves to learn when working on four ball claymotion tricks. Three balls start in one hand where two of the balls are side by side and the third ball is sitting in the palm. All three balls are thrown from one hand and the other hand does a claw catch of the ball that was sitting in the palm. It then turns over and catches another one of the balls. So now you are set up in the same position, opposite hands.
Same trick as the above standard four ball trick, but the single ball is caught in a penguin catch.
4b-cm-claw Another trick similar to the first standard trick, but you'll do a claw catch on the outside ball. Arms end up in a crossed position with the three ball multiplex on the bottom and the single ball on top.
4b-cm-sts This is the first trick which really starts resembling some of the traditional three ball claymotion moves. In this trick you are doing the sweep underneath and orbit around a two ball multiplex. The interesting part with this side to side trick is that when there are three balls in the multiplex hand you are only going to throw two of the balls. The two balls I throw are the side by side ones held in the fingers. The ball in the palm is held in the hand with pressure from the thumb. So it's a right hand multiplex throw, right hand multiplex throw, then left hand multiplex throw, left hand multiplex throw.
Similar to the side to side sweeps above, but the two ball multiplex throw does not do the sweep and orbit and the single ball is caught in a penguin catch.
Another side to side variation. This time the single ball catch is under the arm. Note that the hand with the three balls is only throwing two, as it is above.
4b-cm-windmill This four ball claymotion trick has the feel of a three ball windmill. With this trick the hand with three balls only throws two. The hand with the single ball claw catches the ball on the inside and then sweeps under the arm that just had the three balls (it should now have two balls as well). The arm underneath throws both balls as a multiplex, uncrosses, and then those balls are caught, one in each hand. So you end up in exaclty the same position.
Little different from the tricks above. For this variation you will throw two of the balls from the hand holding three. The hand with the single ball reaches over and claw catches the outside ball, and then moves back to catch the second ball as well.