Claymotion Freestyle video
Here are some clips I put together when I was filming the claymotion tricks videos. I decided to shoot some freestyle stuff and then put them together for this video. Hopefully you'll like it.
divider Here are a couple youtube videos that Blake Speers did as a response to my Claymotion Freestyle video above.
I agree with what KooKie said on rec.juggling about them "...not very choreagraphed and a little too clumsy at times, but I like the idea." I think there are a lot of interesting ideas that Blake has in his videos and I hope to put up a page exploring some of his variations a bit more.
Here is one of Will Penman's videos where he does quite a bit of claymotion style moves. I really like the video and I thought the music was perfect. And thanks to Will for letting me add his video on the site.
Here's a nice claymotion and multiplex youtube video by Steve Hoggan (go Steve!). It's not strictly claymotion tricks, but he has lots of nice variations and some really cool multiplex tricks as well. Be sure to check out his other videos as well, some great stuff.
Wow, there seems to be quite a few videos with claymotion appearing on youtube and other places. Here are three new ones that I came across this week.

Steve Hoggan sent me this link to a guy in Japan who has some interesting claymotion stuff that he is working on.

Here is Reuben doing some more great three ball juggling where he has a fair bit of multiplex moves, start/stop moves, as well as some claymotion moves at the end of the video.

Here is a video I was excited to see. I met Taylor at the 2008 IJA and she was called "The Sponge" because of her ability to pick up tricks VERY quickly. I think she had just learned some of the claymotion moves at the IJA and also came to the claymotion workshop I gave there. She put some great stuff in the video and I'm looking forward to other videos from her.